The  Metro Bistrot


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"The preparation of good food is merely another expression of art,
one of the joys of civilized living." Dione Lucas

Photo by Christine Peterson (courtesy of Worcester Living Magazine)

from the 30 October 2017 cooking class on confit

Mackerel rillettes
Pork confit
wild grape sauce


                                            Fall afternoon light in the Metro.

                   Right front dining room with two large paintings by Julia Hillman (an artist from Paris and NY with a shop in Putnam, Conn.)

                                                                                      A Study in Mauve by Julia Hillman.

                                     Front dining window with a Haitian metal sculpture.

   A corner in the back room (photo on the wall—Jeanloup Sieff, West Palm Beach 1964).


                                                                              Entrance dining room into the Metro (owner's table to the left).

                                                    Marie-Paule Marthe-Livernois, relaxing.

                Our Latin purple bathroom; Manet print on the left (found at a local landfill); painting on the right: I Cry for Me by Julia Hillman.

       The exit of the Metro in the front dining room with two Haitian metal sculptures;
                     to the left--the demon of horn; to the right--the demon of ivory.

      Shopping at Morse Farms in Southbridge, Mass.

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