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"The beginning and root of all good is the pleasure of the stomach; even wisdom and culture must be referred to this." Epicurus 

at The Metro Bistrot in Southbridge

Reserve by calling: 860-207-7135

Cooking and Eating at the Metro Bistrot

6 to 8 pm (3 course meal included so bring your wine)
$30 per person

5 June 2017  Full
Learn How to Cook: All About Lamb
Tourin (tomato, bread, and garlic soup from the southwest of France)
Lamb in different ways (ragout, confit, cassoulet, roast)
and a
More about cheeses
Profits go to The Woodstock Academy Alumni Association Scholarship
(scholarship for non-sending town students to attend The Academy)

10 July 2017
Knife Skills (menu to follow)
Profits from this class go to Hitchcock Free Academy in Brimfield

Profits from recent cooking classes sent Lauren Gibeault (a local college student and Bistrot waitress) to France as an intern this summer for a month. Here is her email about her trip, so far, below.

Lauren Arrives in Malerargues, France

My flights went well; on time and enjoyable. Icelandic flight attendants are babes. 
    One day in Paris is a tease. Jake introduced me to his Russian friend, and we ate lunch along the Seine. We explored all day, on and off the metro. For dinner I had one of the greatest meals of my life; black truffle lasagne--Petite mort. I still can cry just thinking about it. 
    Gare de Lyon is awesome madness. Everybody does a mad dash for their train once it displays and you only have 20 minutes to get yourself where you need to be, or else you're screwed! 
    I felt like a rock star--riding 1st class on the TGV. Feet up, window seat to myself. The 3 hours passed rather quickly to Nimes, and when I exited the train, there was a white-haired gentleman wearing a wide-brimmed, black hat...ready to give me my welcome bisou! 
    Ivan is a gracious host. He keeps me busy with the archives, (there certainly are many). We sort through the various performances in the library, which I cannot wait to explore further, and then I busy myself in my room with all the scanning, uploading, proper filing and editing. My bed is so comfy and I have a view even lovelier than I had imagined. I packed way too much (I believe Ivan sent you a picture for proof of that). Alors, live and learn. But I am glad I brought summer dresses and sandals--it's very hot during the day here in the South! I am now friends with all his cats--Esmerelda is my favorite. 
    Your place is stunning and the pictures certainly do NOT do it justice. I told Ivan, while he was giving me the grand tour, that I had this feeling of deja vu--that in another life, I know I had been here. 
    Say hello to Lily and Lady Catherine for me. And tell Belichick not to go easy on Jake, while he's training. Back to work. It's almost time for a cocktail!"

We have a feature article on us at Worcester Living magazine
( page 58

And a cooking class video on You Tube.


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