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Deep France
La France Profonde

              This is a map of the Causse area in France; this is one of the deepest areas of what the French call Deep France.

Deep France or La France profonde
    The French refer to small town rural France as La France profonde, translated means Deep France. The above map is of the area of the Causses (plateaus) and Cévennes mountains in the south of France on the southern edge of the Massif Central west of the Rhone river and northwest of the cities of Nimes and Montpellier. This area contains large swathes of wild grazing lands and forests and is filled with Neolithic stone structures. In ancient times and until recently, it was valued for its mines, and gold is still panned in the region by amateurs. This is the region where Jay and Marie-Paule have their apartment in a hamlet in a chateau called Malérargues in the town of Thoiras (Gallo-Roman Teduzia). 

Where to Eat Near Malérargues

La Grange de Labahou 

60, chemin de l’Aire—Quartier de Labahou



This is the best and closest restaurant to Malérargues. As you approach Anduze from Malérargues, you take a right at the third round-about with an Aldi store on your right and a car garage to your front driving down a tree lined road. Their lamb shank confit (souris d’agneau) is the best I have had in France (and are mostly better than the ones I cook at the Bistrot), and the overall cost of eating there is reasonable.

Le Riche

42, Place Pierre Sémard



This has become my favorite restaurant in France; the food is superb and the interior is from another two centuries ago. It is located across the street from the railroad station in Alès. They have a five course menu for 25 euros, which I recommend having. The décor is original art nouveau from 1909.

Les 3 Barbus

Route de Mialet



Great food with a spectacular view, this is where we spent our one day honeymoon in 2009. Use your garmin to find it as the way to get there is a bit circuitous.

The nearest town is Lasalle (follow route D57 in front of Malérargues). There is a good little butcher where you can buy prepared food and other sundries. Plus there is a small, but good pizza-type place where they have excellent thin crusted pizza and also serve traditional French meals. The café in the square is not bad for a coffee, but they also serve meals for lunch.

Anduze is filled with small cafes with food. Do not miss eating the Anduze sausages, but I would not recommend any of the seafood (mostly frozen and not frozen correctly).


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